User Manual


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1. Choose a layout for your first page

  • To get started tap on the “New Mag” tab in your mag wall (show me)
  • Then select a layout of articles for the first page of your new mag (show me)

2. Fill the page with content from the internet

  • You can change the size of the articles in your page layout by moving the hotspot. Fill any of the articles with content from the internet by tapping on “Choose a website” (show me)
  • Brows to any website that you would like to use as your article (show me)
  • Select only part of a website for your article by tapping on “Zoom in” (show me)
  • When you’re done, tap next and then tap on the article title to change it. Repeat these steps for all your articles. Tap on “+New Page” to add more pages to your mag. When you’ve finished creating your pages tap on “Done”. (show me)

3. Design the front cover

  •  Now choose a snazzy title for your mag (show me)
  • Tap on “Image” to add a cool picture to your front cover (show me)
  • Tap on “Adjust” to tweak your cover but watch out: changes to the background are only visible if you first decrease the “Opacity” of your image and the “Color” of your title or your background will only be visible if you also adjust their “Brightness”. (show me)
  • That’s it, you’ve just created a complete magazine with always up to date content! Enjoy reading it and remember, you can resize articles at any time by moving the hotspot and change anything in your mag by tapping on “Edit”. (show me)